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Two Mothers (2013)

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I saw the film yesterday here in Paris and was truly in for a pleasant
surprise. The film surprised me at every turn, and defied all the
expectations i had due to mainstream storytelling pollution which i
utterly dread sitting through for two hours. I waited for the story to
become ridiculous, but it mocked my underestimation and grew in depth
to reveal the true theme that is deeply washing over every shot of the
screen, the "deep blue sea", "le moi oceanique", the deadly ecstasy of
an overwhelming sexual desire that comes into a possessing ghost
strangling all reason that these human beings hypothetically have. The
beach and water theme, the opening and and end shot, and the low-angle
shots of the water pulling at the characters' feet, this desire
hovering within the screen waiting to pull them in are the most
successful aspects of the film. The beautiful filming that is so well
themed and constructed, this relaxed and ecstatic feel that transcends
from the screen making the audience feel the exact erotic atmosphere in
which the characters dwell and that pull of desire that comes across in
the silence and in the sound of the ocean; and Robin Wright's extremely
deep character building and original portrayal of female strength, pull
the film together to a true work of art. It is real story telling. At
its best. Ieft knowing these characters, i know where they live, how
they feel, i know that they are still alive and haven't stopped
breathing after i left the screening room. When characters are this
real that you somehow know they exist across the world from you
somewhere and are still feeling and seeing and laughing and crying,
it's called excellent story telling.

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